Garden Centres

Seasons come and go however for the both the home gardener and the professional landscaper there is always plenty to do. Looking for the latest release plants, your seasonal vegetables, privacy plants or wonderful flowering plants we make it easy.

We list some of the better garden centres across the US, and yes its a free service, so join us today.

So what exactly do we look for in a garden centre. The latest release trees and shrubs as well as garden related products and landscaping supplies.

Professional gardening advice, quality products and the ability to source plants that may not be is stock. These qualities can be found in both small and large stores, and reputation in a community is great signal that you are dealing with the best local operation

If you can find these qualities then you are dealing with a reputable garden centre

Some Garden Centres are specialists

If we look at California we can find some very interesting plants however all Garden Centres are not the same.

EAST BAY NURSERY ( 2332 San Pablo Ave Berkley CA) has a great range of Roses, Japanese Maples, perennials, container plants, deer resistant plants hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants.

Across town AUSTRALIAN NATIVE PLANTS NURSERY ( 9040 North Ventura Avenue Ventura) specialises in Australian Native Plants for Californian gardens and includes South African leucadendrons, leucospermums and proteas. It is well worth checking out the web sites of retail nurseries to get an idea of what is available, but a visit really give you the full picture.