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Mail Order Plants

Where to order and how to buy Mail Order Plants from online nursery catalogs.

You will find buying mail order plants can have a number of advantages worth considering when looking for garden or house plants. Thousands of plant varieties are sold by specialist online nurseries.

These comp anes may deal with specific types of plants and many are expert growers, many have extensive lists available year found in online catalogs.

Buying plants from Mail Order Nurseries can be an easy, effective and cheap way of finding plants for the garden.

A -Z Guide to Mail Order Plants

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With so many Mail Order Plant Nurseries now with plants and bulbs for sale Online from catalogues on the internet, you can buy flowering plants to be delivered to your door or as a gift to friend or relative in another part of the country or even overseas. It is often difficult to choose which nursery you should be buying the plant from for the best plants and the quickest and easiest delivery, this is especially true when dealing with overseas nurseries.

When looking for plants to choose plants as a gift consider if you want the plant to be in full bloom in a pot or container or if you would be happy for the plant to be sent barefooted. Gifts of bare rooted plants might seem a little strange, however if you are dealing with a keen gardener who knows plants, or is perhaps a collector of rare and interesting species then they will love the gift and get extra pleasure from watching it grow.

Potted plants can be bought online from Garden Centers or 'Retail Nurseries', Mail Order Nurseries are generally set up to sell bare rooted plants when they are dormant. So if you are looking to buy a potted plant, in flower, online, then look for a garden center as close as possible to where you want the plant delivered, ask if they have a delivery service (some do not) and expect to pay for delivery, in some cases potted plants purchased online can cost more to deliver that than the plant will to buy. Remember you will have to accept what they have in stock, so don't get to fussy with choice unless you are prepared to wait for them to get stock in for you, and then this may be in a few months if you are looking in the wrong season.

With bare rooted plants and bulbs you are generally looking for something specific, the choice will be almost limitless, plants can be sent from one side of the country to the other, however you still need to be aware of quarantine restrictions when you look to buy plants online and send them from one state to another.

Usually looking at specialist nurseries as listed in our mail order and specialist nursery section will give you the widest choice when buying plants online either for yourself or as a gift. Simply browse the individual plant species and cultivar sections on this page and navigated to the nursery.

If you are looking for plants to buy and send overseas in the UK or Australia and now New Zealand try our international sites, all great places for finding plants and to buy plants online from Mail Order Nurseries.