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Icelandic Poppies

Pink Icelandic Poppy


Papaver nudicaule are commonly called Icelandic poppies, with their colorful crepe papery flowers they are some of the most vibrant annual plants that you can grow.

Mostly grown from seeds as they tend not to like being transplanted, Icelandic poppies are often overlooked in nurseries. They will grow well in USDA zones 2 - 10 although you need to treat them a little differently in warmer zones.

They will flower in late winter to spring, depending on the climate. The warmer the climate, the earlier they will flower.

They naturally have flowers that are red and yellow, however the wonderful hybrids available range from pure white through to pinks and almost red.

Landscaping uses

Widely grown in the cottage garden, also useful for mass plantings, cut flowers are good in vases.