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Datura metel

Datura metel

An excellent garden plant, Datura metel with its large upward facing trumpet shaped flowers is sure to be one of the more exotic plants in any garden.

Useful for its low growing habit and attractive foliage, Datura metel can be used as a feature plant in the border or mass planted as a bedding plant.

In warmer climates Datura metel will thrive, the flowers are perfumed and range from the single white of the species through to double flowering purple tinged specimens. Although Datura are often classifies as annuals, and sometimes perennials this will depend on the climate.

In warmer climates they are long lived perennials, however in cooler climates, extreme cold or a frost will be the end of them. One issue is self seeding, particularly in warmer areas, many gardeners choose to remove the spiky seed heads to prevent this.


  • From cuttings taken in spring or from seed sown in a cold frame.
  • Sow Datura metel seeds and cover lightly as they do need light to germinate.