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Water Lilies

Water Lily Flower

The most popular aquatic plant for ornamental ponds are water lilies, they require a little care when planting we tell you how to make the most of your water lilies. Remember that some water lilies have flowers that open and night, while others open in daylight hours. Hardy water lilies are a must for any backyard pond.


With a little care and proper planting Water Lily Flowers will look like this
When planting in larger ponds few problems arise, however in smaller ponds and containers the water can become stagnant and foul smelling. Overcome this by replacing the water regularly. Why plant in containers ? In ornamental ponds most are lined with pond liners, so not enough muddy soil for water lilies to take root. In containers they are easily lifted to divide and to add fertilizer.


With over 50 species of both hardy and tropical water lilies and 1000s of cultivars the variety in flower color, form and size is incredible.

Some miniatures, some large and colors ranging from white and yellow through to reds and deep purples. And if you are looking for the blue water lilies, these are some of the tropical night flowering species. So warmer climates only (or a greenhouse).

The tropical types are more prolific bloomers than the hardy types. However they do not cope with cold temperatures.

Why are the Hardy ones called Hardy ? They are dormant in winter, and as long as they do not suffer a freeze will come back in spring. Many growers in colder climates will lift them and store them over winter.

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