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Hellebore Plants

Hellebore - The Lenton Rose

If you are looking for a shade loving plant then the Hellebore, or Lenton Rose could worth a try. Good foliage, great flowers and very hardy.

Easy to grow Helleborus species are a plant that hybridisers (plant breeders if you like) have had a lot of success with over the years, and as these are a winter flowering plant their work is appreciated by many.

Flowers at this time of the year are appreciated by all gardeners, and with hellebores, we can now run the full gamut of colours from white to that slate black with reds and yellows in between. The search for pure colour in the flowers has been one way that the hellebore breeders have gone.

However some have looked at developing complex and clearer marked and spotted flowers, some have looked at a more upward facing flowers while others have looked at shape and openness. Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however we do like the classic nodding heads and have for many years.

Lately we have started to appreciate the more upright flowers on stiffer stems. However we do have a few 'favourite' plants, and we are not hybridisers, however in our garden the hellebore do a little of that by themselves.

Hellebore Plants are available for sale from the following nurseries

500 N. Sequim Ave. Sequim, WA 98382

PINE KNOT FARMS - 434-252-1990 phone 434-252-0768 fax
681 Rockchurch Road, Clarksville Virginia 23927 USA

SUNSHINE FARM and GARDENS - Phone/Fax 304-497-2208 Fax - 304-409-2698

BIG DIPPER FARM - Phone 360.886.8133
26130 SE Green Valley Rd Black Diamond, WA 98010