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Watering Wands

If you are looking at watering wands the decision on what to buy is often based purely on price.

However a qick review of few other factors may well lead you to choose something that is not at the cheap end.

We reviewed a number of watering wands and settled on on the Dramm professional models. We wanted a reasonably soft flow, yet lots of water, we were also looking for a an easy snap connector as we use other watering devices as well.

Choosing a Watering Wand

Watering wand with shut off valve

You will also have the choice of price, a cheap wand that may need to be replaced after a season. Or a higher quality wand that will last many years.

You may be tempted to buy a wand with an adjustable nozzle, the one size fits all principle, however they can tend to leak.

Our Choice

After reviewing a number of watering wands we eventually settled on the Dramm watering wand as the best. We were after something sturdy with a good water flow and an easy to operate shut off valve.

The Dramm wands meet all of these requirements. You can choose a number of wand lengths, some with crooked necks, the choice of nozzles is broad with both plastic and aluminium types available. A number of shut off valves are also available, we went for a thumb operated gate valve.

They make one piece wands which work well, just not as heavy duty as what we required.

Yes we could have saved a few dollars by choosing a cheaper plastic watering wand, however the Dramm will last us much longer, so in the long term it will save us money. And in the meantime it will do a better job of watering our plants.


  • Take your watering wand indoors in winter if you live in an area subject to freezes, this helps prevent damage.
  • Drain your wand if you are not using it for prolonged periods.
  • Hang it up after use to prevent damage.