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Summer Flowering Plants

We would all like a garden full of flowers all year round, and summer is a time when we need to choose the hardy types of flowers that can stand the heat.

The best varieties of flowers for summer will vary according to zone, however with a little planning you can have flowers right trough the warmer months.

Some of the all round 'best summer flowering plants' include the Hibiscus, and here we are talking about not only the tropical types but also Hibiscus syriacus, excellent in those zones that get cold winters.

If you happen to live in an apartment and just cant grow those bigger plants, then think of sone of the potted plants that will flower in summer. Petunias are one, long flowering, grow them in a pot, a hanging basket, or in the garden.

Zinnias are another that can be grown in containers as well as in the garden, they should keep you in flowers all through summer.

If you have a warm sunny position, then Day lilies perform well for months. The individual flowers do not last long, however they will repeat flower for months.

Roses are at their peak in spring, however many will repeat flower through summer, and you can get low growing types that will grow in a container.


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What about flowering trees?

You could consider

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Davidia involuctra
  • Quercus