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Winter Flowering Plants

Winter Flowering Galanthus

In the depths of winter a little color in the garden is just what is needed. In the colder zones this may be limited to foliage, in milder areas a number of plants can cheer up the garden with flowers as well.

Popular in many areas many plant will look great though winter, although in the colder USDA zones it does become a little more difficult. Some are tough, and these include the classic Galanthus, aptly named the 'Snowdrop' and it will push its way through snow.

Other plants just will not take the winters of the really cold zones and will wait until spring before appearing.

Of course you could always grow some winter flowering plants in pots or hanging baskets and on an enclosed patio, you should be successful. Pansies are a classic for this, easy to grow, cheerful and colorful and great in containers.

Plants suitable for different zones differ greatly if grown outdoors, however if a greenhouse or hothouse is used, or if plants are grown indoors over winter then growing zones begin to be unimportant.

In the cold days of winter flowers in the garden are a real bonus, and although many in the warmer southern states winter is not such a dull time in the garden further north some thought needs to go into selecting winter plants for the garden, pots and even growing indoors.

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