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When to Plant Bulbs

Bulb ready for planting

Its always interesting to find out a little more about planting bulbs in the garden and one of the questions most asked is 'When do I plant these Bulbs'?

The answer to that one comes in two parts, the easy answer, which is as soon as you buy them. By planting bulbs as soon as you buy them you prevent bulbs from drying out, which most (but not all) resent.

Anyway chances are that you have just brought these bulbs at the right time of the year, when they are dormant, and the grower will have dug them and sent them ready for planting when you receive them.

In terms of actual months, the time to plant bulbs will differ a little from zone to zone.

Some bulbs are happy to be left in the ground all year, others are not.

In many cases it is the summer flowering bulbs that present the most problems, they will not survive in the ground in zones that are subject to freezes. These bulbs need to be dug each year in colder areas.

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