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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer Flowering Allium Bulb

If you are looking for great color in summer then bulbs can be the answer. Summer blooming bulbs can put on a show from the very begining of summer to the start of fall.

You will need to plant most of the bulbs on our list no later than spring, and depending on the type plant them in full sun to part shade.

Some of the best flowering summer bulbs do appear late in the season however with a little investigation, we have put together a list of some of really good ones.

In general, Summer bulbs are divided into three groups, early mid summer and late summer to early fall. The last two groups can be planted in early spring and some can be overwintered depending on climate.

In the colder zones, planting summer flowering bulbs is pots allows those that are more sensitive to the cold to be moved to a protected position during winter months if required.

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What about flowering trees?

You could consider

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Davidia involuctra
  • Quercus