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Ornamental Grasses

The highly ornamental grass, acorus gramineus variegata

Although Ornamental Grasses include a number or ‘True Grasses’ from the Poacae family as well sedges and rushes a number or other strap leafed plants are included.

Used as feature plants in the border, to help relieve the harsh lines of concrete and other hardscape surfaces and also as ground cover plants they range in height from low growing types to tall species that take prominence in the garden.

With so many species and cultivars to choose from, nurseries can supply gardeners and landscapers with a suitable ornamental grass for just about any application.

Some of the most popular ornamental grasses include species and cultivars such as Mondo Grass or Ophiopogan a low growing evergreen ground cover plant with strap like leaves and Calamagrostis 'overdam' and 'karl foerster' a taller growing ornamental landscape grass.

Useful in the garden border where they can be used as a feature as well as a filler, many grasses are also well suited to mass planting in larger landscaping projects.

Ornamental Grasses for the Shade.

Like many plants used for landscaping finding an ornamental grass suited for us in a landscape situation in the shade is difficult. Many grasses either do not cope with shade at all or tend to grow fairly sparsely.

We suggest the following grasses for landscaping in part shade.

  • Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'
  • Carex
  • Chasmanthium latifolium
  • Acorus
  • Calamarostis acutifolia 'Karl Foerster'
  • Festuca

When selecting grasses for a shaded position it is best to talk to your supplier about the landscaping needs and the amount of shade, in part shade or dappled shade many grasses will thrive, in deep shade you may be better to look for ferns, or other shade tolerant plants.