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Japanese Garden Plants

Plants used for Japanese gardens will vary greatly depending on the style of the garden. Some Japanese style gardens have very few plants. While others have many plants that mimic the variety found in nature.

When landscaping, the list of plants and trees used in a Japanese garden is usually confined to a limited number. Less is more if you are trying to create a true Japanese style garden.

Japanese style gardens do not usually feature a wide range of flowering plants, those that do appear are chosen carefully. They are used more for the overall contribution that they make to the garden rather than the flowers themselves.

Azaleas may be the most widely used plants along with Flowering Cherries, Bamboo, Japanese Maple Trees, Forest Grass or Temple Grass and Moss.

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Other trees and shrubs to consider include:

Abies, Cedrus, Auraucaria auraucana, Chamaecyparis, Cryptomeria japonica, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Juniperus, Metasequoia, Microcachrys, Picea, Pinus podocarpus, Sciadopitys verticillata, Tsuga canadensis, Thujopsis, Sequoia, Taxus, Carex, Corkia, Contoneaster, Scleranthus and Ulmus

If you were looking for inspiration you could visit the Japanese Gardens in Portland Oregon with over 5 acres of gardens to fire the imagination. Or perhaps the Kubota garden in South Seattle. And of course the Tea Gardens in San Francisco

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