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Growing Saffron Crocus

What would a Indian, Middle Eastern or Spanish cook do without saffron? It is used widely in so many dishes from the famous Saffron Rice to Paella.

And the thing is the Saffron crocus or plant is an easy bulb to grow. So if you are thinking you might like to grow your own, well you can.

The saffron plant is a fall flowering bulb, the botanical name is Crocus savitus and this wonderful little bulb produces the worlds most valuable spice. So lets get planting.

You can grow these in containers or in garden beds, but lets look at the required climate first.

Crocus Sativus is originally from the Middle East and areas around the Mediterranean, widely spread but all with hot dry summers, cold winters and well drained soil.

They also need sun, in fact the flowers will not really open up in shade. The only way to grow Crocus Sativus is from bulbs, and this is because it is really a sterile form selected over many years (centuries) for its qualities. So forget the seed growing idea for true saffron.

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