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Grape Vines

Grape Vines are very popular with the home hardener. Both Climbing Grape Vines and Bush Type Grapes (really the same thing) can easily be grown in the garden to provide table grapes or varieties for making wine.

Remember that Grape Vines need a warm climate to survive, but not to tropical, grape vines do well in Zones similar to Californian Grape growing Areas.

Grape vines are natural climbers, however they are often trained into a bush on a trellis for easy picking of fruit, pruning and care, this is especially true of grapes grown on a commercial basis for wine.

Grape can be grown on a trellis or a pergola and this is often the case when growing grapes in the home garden.

Grape vines need to be trained if you wish to maximise production of fruit for wine or grapes for the table. The two main systems of pruning grape vines or bushes are

  • Cane Training
  • Cordon Training

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What about flowering trees?

You could consider

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Davidia involuctra
  • Quercus