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Floribunda roses

Floribunda Rose

Floribunda roses are a cross between polyantha roses and hybrid tea roses, sometomes called cluster roses, the flowers are a little smaller than those of the hybrid teas roses, but there are lots of them.

Generally smaller growing than Hybrid Tea Roses Floribunda roses are well suited mass planting along paths and driveways as well as growing well in pots or containers. Regarded as a hardy rose for zones 4 - 9.

The meaning of Floribunda is 'flowers abundantly' and with an almost constant show-off flowers from spring to summer they live up to the name.

Flowers form in large clusters as well as single blooms Floribunda roses generally have a more open flower form than hybrid tea roses.

Perhaps the best know of all Floribunda Roses is 'Iceberg' which is also available as a climbing rose.

In landscaping Floribunda roses can be used for mass planting

Floribunda Roses really are a multipurpose rose, they look good in formal rows, grow well in pots or containers and in mass plantings in parks or gardens look magnificent.

Although we use the term 'Floridunda' for the group, they acan actually be divided into a number of varieties.

  • Shrub types, large and spreading
  • Bush types, smaller and compact.
  • Groundcover types, low growing.
  • Climbing types
  • Landscaping types, larger growing and used in mass plantings.