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Evergreen Trees for the Garden.

Evergreen trees hold their foliage right through winter and have a few advantages including being great shade trees as well as good screening trees.

They can act as a windbreak and can even protect a garden from frosts. so if you are looking for year round privacy and shade evergreens are the way to go.

Also an important aspect of garden design where they can add structure year round and act as a backdrop for other plants.

The main types of evergreen trees are those used as ornamental, those used for shade and those used for privacy.

Evergreen tree selection will depend on a number of factors. The height and spread are important factors in most landscaping plans. Tall growing narrow or columnar (fastigate) trees are useful for narrow spaces. Shorter spreading tree can look great in smaller gardens.

Maintenance is another issue, some evergreen trees do drop a lot of litter during the year. And allergies also need to be considered with some people being allergic tom the pollen of different species.

Important Factors

Also look at these factors when deciding which is the best tree for your own situation.

  • Soil requirements
  • Water Requirements
  • Height constraints
  • Aggressiveness of the root system
  • USDA zone