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Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

Dwarf weeping Cherry

Have You Considered A Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree?

One of the best ornamental flowering trees for small and large gardens in the dwarf weeping cherry tree. Dwarf weeping trees of all types are generally grafted onto a standard root stock, they stay at this height as the trunk itself tends not to grow upwards, but will increase in diameter, the top of the tree is a weeping variety chosen for its flower form and color.

Full sized weeping weeping trees require more room and although they are certainly spectacular sometimes they are just to tall and to wide spreading for the landscape situation required

Dwarf Weeping Cherry trees are an excellent tree for small gardens as well as in containers, they can also make a great feature in a larger landscape. You will find these lovely blossom trees in as many shapes, sizes and colors as the larger species. Dwarf Weeping Cherry trees are an excellent feature next to water or a pathway in a Japanese style garden. They are available for sale online when dormant or as potted trees at other times.

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