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Deciduous Azaleas

Deciduous Azalea

Azalea mollis, knap hill, ghent and Azalea 'Klondyke' are all deciduous azalea hybrids.

Loved for the attractive showy flowers that appear in spring Deciduous Azaleas or Azalea mollis are perhaps an under used garden plant. In cool to temperate climates these azaleas are easy to grow and require little care other than light pruning to keep in shape.

Origins of Deciduous Azaleas

These are medium sized deciduous shrub that flower early to late spring depending on conditions. All are hybrids of deciduous azalea species such as R. japonicum, R. canadense and R. prinophyllum.

With very attractive and colorful flowers appear on bare stems in spring and range in color from white through to tangerine and reds.