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Container Gardening

Geraniums growing in container

Growing plants in containers is certainly not new, however with modern living focused on apartments and with gardens in courtyards and on balconies container gardening is really a practical solution to an old problem. Often seen as a solution for thise with confined spaces, growing plants in containers can also be used a design feature.

A group of containers placed together can look great. Large urns placed either side of an entrance, garden path or steps can also work well. Or perhaps consider growing Buxus (box hedging) in a series of containers, it can be a very modern look.

We look at a simple guide to basic container gardening techniques with ideas for plants and selecting containers that will be suitable for growing vegetables, herbs, perennials, bulbs plants trees. And it is not only these sorts of plants you can grow in containers. A series of pots in a row can be used to grow a hedge, so box hedging in containers.

Why so popular?

For those with limited space, people who are in rental properties and others who wish to create a 'different gardening effect' growing plants in pots, planters or containers provides a solution to many problems. It can also add height to the garden, or just be a place to grow those special plants.


More information

Can you grow trees in containers ?

Yes you can grow reasonably large trees in containers, we have seen Magnolia St Mary’s grow in large concrete containers outside a casino, and doing very well. It is probably not a long term solution given that a tree can last hundreds of years, bur for smaller trees, it works.