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How to Grow Carnations

Carnation Flower

Carnations are a garden favorite and are relatively easy to grow from cuttings. They are excellent for growing in pots as well as being at home in the garden. Difficult to grow indoors, however they do thrive outside. The flowers can be single colored or ruffled (see picture right).

A flowering perennial plant that grow well is full sun, with a little protection from hot afternoon sun if possible. You can grow carnations from seed however we recommend growing from cuttings or plugs.

They require a well drained humus rich soil with a neutral ph and are an excellent plant for a raised garden bed or a large pot or container.

Carnation plants are actually fairly hardy and do not require a lot of water, and resent over watering, a good soaking once a week, or twice a week in hot conditions is usually enough.

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