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Outdoor wall fountains.

Glass Wall Fountain

Outdoor Wall Fountains for the garden wall or courtyard are an excellent choice especially for smaller areas where larger fountains are not practical.

Wall fountains can be fitted to existing outdoor walls or structures, can be free standing and fitted against a wall or an Outdoor Wall Fountain can be built in to the design of a new wall. Outdoor Wall fountains can be found for sale from a range of online suppliers.

The easiest outdoor wall fountains to install are usually free standing wall fountain units that can be placed flush against a wall and simply plugged into an existing power outlet. The only real preparation required is to flatten the area in front of the wall where the fountain is to be placed and then secure the fountain to the wall, usually with screws or brackets supplied by the manufactures.

Solar powered outdoor wall fountains are also available, the same procedure for fitting except with addition of attaching a solar panel to a sunny position, we suggest a battery back up for night use with any solar fountain or pump.

Styles or designs of outdoor wall fountains vary greatly from traditional to ultra modern. Custom made wall fountains will be more costly, however they may well be worth the extra if they are a major feature.

Material used for outdoor fountains include, metal such as brass, copper, bronze and aluminium, stone, glass as well as PVC and Resin