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Tulipa greigii

Tulipa greigii Red Riding Hood

One of the more interesting of the tulips in terms of foliage is Tulipa greigii. This is a dwarf tulip originally from Turkestan flowers appearing late in the spring range from red through to yellow with red blotches.

With large attractive flowers for a relatively small growing tulip Tulipa greigii makes a great container plant when planted in groups of 4 or 5. Flowers are single and appear on a short stem in early spring

However it is the foliage that distinduishes Tulipa greigii from all of the others, a dark green often with crimson markings.

Varieties :

Used widely for hybridisation look for cultivars such as

  • Tulipa greigii 'red riding hood' - red flowering
  • Tulipa greigii 'toronto' - red flowering
  • Tulip greigii 'cape cod' - red and yellow
  • Tulipa greigii 'Fur Elise' - apricot tones