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How to Grow Basil
Sweet Basil plant

Growing Basil Plants

Growing Basil plants from seeds or seedlings is fairly simple if you follow a few guidelines.

Basil plants come in a number of varieties the most popular being 'sweet basil'. (see picture at right)

Basil can also be grown indoors in cooler climates or during colder months. Basil grows well in containers or pots and also does well in the vegetable garden where it can be grown along with tomatoes.

In warmer zones growing basil is very easy, in cooler areas you may need to start seeds and seedlings indoors or in a greenhouse or cold frame for best results.


Purple Basil

Basil Varieties

Although the most popular basil variety is the 'sweet basil' or Genovese Basil, a number of other varieties are also widely grown including the purple basil (picture right).

  • Greek basil is a much finer leafed variety and a little more cold tolerant .
  • Thai basil and Holy basil or ‘Tulsi' are other varieties.

Basil seeds are readily available to buy from nurseries, garden centres and mail order suppliers.


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